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The Hellenic Insurance Brokers Association (H.I.B.A.) is a professional body consisting of 76 Insurance brokers across Greece.

The Association as a collective, finds itself in a continuous dialogue with the State, regulatory authorities, insurance companies, as well as the relevant International bodies and distinguished European Federations, in order to represent Insurance brokers’ interests, as well as engaging in the modernisation and promotion of the Insurance Sector as a whole in Greece.   

Our strategic objectives include, a series of initiatives for the submission of proposals towards the State with the aim of reassessing and/ or reforming the current legal framework, in order to ensure the optimal operation of the insurance market.

During its 30 years of continued presence, the Association has contributed in raising insurance awareness in the minds of Greek businessmen and consumers as well as the development and modernisation of the Greek insurance market in parallel with International Standards.

Members of H.I.B.A. hold defining roles in the undertaking and managing of complex insurance risks; our Members negotiate the appropriate cover, assist in the creation of tailor-made solutions to fit the Assureds’ needs and requirements, and cooperate with all the insurance companies legally active in Greece as well as some of the largest insurers and reinsurers of the world. They consult their clients, providing a holistic service, and the prospect of a safe environment for all types of business activities in Greece.

Είσοδος Μελών

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