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The Hellenic Insurance Brokers Association (HIBA) is a Professional Union, operating according to Specific Articles of Association, seated in Athens, with individual and legal members licensed to practise Insurance Brokerage, according to Law 2170/33.

HIBA is administered by the General Assembly of members, and the Board of Directors, elected every two years. The BOD consists of the Chairman, the Vice chairman, the General Secretary, the Cashier, plus 5 regular and three supplementary members.

The BOD holds the responsibility for the administration and management decisions according to the scope of the association, with the exception of those issues that fall under the exclusive responsibility of the General Assembly.

The BOD establishes committees, responsible for the facilitation of particular projects, managed by the appointed members who work exclusively on these projects.

Board of Directors

Tzortzoris Michael Chairman
Alfieris Kostantinos Vice-Chairman
Zafiriou George General Secretary
Drakou Vasiliki Cashier
Apostolopoulou Electra Regular Member
Chatzitheodosiou Anastasios Regular Member
Katsiberis Nikolaos Regular Member
Vitali Aliki Regular Member
Zikoulis Apostolos Regular Member

Ex - Chairmen

  • Ioannis Xirogiannopoulos
  • Theodora-Ioanna Economopoulou
  • George Karavias
  • Lampros Kokkinos
  • Simos Xirogiannopoulos
  • Nikolaos Makropoulos
  • Ioannis Makrimihalos


There are three categories of committees contributing to the operation of this association.

Discipline Committee

Constituted by three regular members, elected by the General Assembly every two years, with the scope of examining potential disciplinary offences.

Auditing Committees

Established whenever necessary for the examination and submission of syntax and/or modification proposals regarding the Articles of Association, the “Ethical Code”, financial elements, handbooks, documents, etc. The committee members are appointed by the BOD.

Organisation Committees

Established whenever necessary for the organization of conferences, events and other projects. The committee members are appointed by the BOD.

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