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Constitutional Aim

The establishment end promotion of the particular profession of insurance brokerage, meaning the intermediary work of a professional who operating independently from any insurer, and following the assignment of the insured, “brings the two parties together” taking care of all the necessary work for the completion of the insurance agreement, always representing the legal interest of the policy holder.

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Fundamental Objectives

  • The further improvement of the professional reputation and the final condescension of insurance brokerage in the Greek market.
  • The contribution in the elevation of insurance awareness for the Greek businessmen and consumers in general.
  • The contribution in the development and modernization of the Greek insurance market.
  • The protection and promotion of the professional interests of his members.

Generic Strategy

HIBA promotes the profession of insurance brokerage on account of his members, and stimulates them towards the highest professionalism and differentiation against any illicit competitive practice, and orientates them towards the highest standards of organization, so they provide specialized and complete services to clients and intermediaries in the local and international insurance market.

Code of professional ethics

Insurance Brokers should provide the best possible service to clients, colleagues, Insurers and the society in general.

In particular for his clients, the insurance broker should:

  • Provide sincere and objective advice, clarification on the rights, the obligations and the insurance premium, subject to the ultimate cost benefit analysis.
  • Provide advice or information only when he holds the necessary experience and technical knowledge.
  • Secure the quick and equitable compensation of the insured in any case of loss assessment.
  • Acknowledge that the legal interests and the trust of his clients are more important than any of his personal objectives.

In particular for his colleagues, the insurance broker should:

  • Manage his professional activities in a respectable way according to the admissible practises and standards of healthy competition.
  • Promote and provide his services in a way that secures his professional credibility, without exaggerating on the scope of his activity.
  • Collaborate with his professional association, and strive for the protection of his profession.
  • Seek for the advice and intermediation of his professional association, on any case of dispute with his colleagues.

In particular for the Insurers, The Insurance Broker should not transfer, primarily to his clients, information that is inaccurate or not thoroughly examined, regarding the well being and the activity of any Insurer.

In particular for the society, The Insurance Broker should secure any kind of confidential information out of publicity, and fully respect the professional discretion.

Είσοδος Μελών

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